Areas of Application

Free from side effects, good for wide use and with superior production efficiency, technological innovation behind nEPS is expected to change the paradigm of the life sciences industry. The pluripotent stem cell nEPS will be able to treat different diseases with ease and speed. Not only will mankind live longer, they will live on healthy and beautiful. Changes will take place in many areas of human lives.

Application of nEPS is expected in the following business areas:

– To treat incurable diseases
– Anti-ageing and cosmetic surgery (Cosmetic and rehab purposes)
– Supplying to world medical centers (Customized and for wide use)
– Stem cell banking
– New drugs toxicity and efficacy assessment system using human stem cells
– Transplanting differentiated organs, differentiated cell treatment
– Stem cell related products (treatments, cosmetics, health supplements)

By changing the paradigm in world stem cell industry, nEPS will enable our growth into a world leading bio company, accompanied by an explosive growth in the world stem cell market.

Business prospects with nEPS may be categorized into treatment, supply, GF(Growth Factor, drug non-clinical test, rejuvenating cell, and differentiated cell therapy, and development of fully functional artificial organs using 3-D bio-printing. Details are as follows.

01 Cell therapy & Banking Business (Total medical service)

– Stem cell treatment center
– Stem cell research center
– Medical hotel
– Stem cell banking

02 nEPS Cell Supply Business targeting worldwide stem cell clinics, pharmaceutical companies and research centers to offer individually tailored diseases treatment

03 Stem Cell Growth Factor is a generic term used to name a polypeptide created in the process of stem cell culturing that boosts different cell division, growth and differentiation.

As cosmetic ingredient for aesthetic or treatment purposes
As health supplement ingredient

04 Drug Screening

Targeting the global animal non-clinical testing market, STC-nEPS cell testing
possesses the following features.
Efficacy and toxicity testing by differentiating STC-nEPS into a human cell
Superior verification effect on human body
Free from ethical controversy

05 Rejuvenating Cell

nEPS is a pluripotent stem cell capable of treating incurable diseases and anti-ageing functions. Very soon we wish to upgrade this innovation into nEPS 2 with a rejuvenating function added to this pluripotent cell.

06 Cell Differentiation Treatment

To differentiate into an organ cell in need, natural compound or a stem cell growth factor is added to the cell to induce differentiation into only a particular cell in need. By replacing the tissue cell directly, treatment efficacy will improve but with less cost.
– Source treatment of diseases
– Cell/ tissue alternative treatment

07 Developing artificial organs using nEPS

Combining nEPS and bio-printing technology, STRI is currently developing a functionally performing artificial organ. Outcome of this research is all the more promising based upon the successful differentiation of nEPS into a neurocyte, pancreatic beta cell, chondrocyte, osteoblast, adipocyte and hepatocyte.