About nEPS

Pluripotency of nEPS(newly Elicited Pluripotent Stem cells without side effects by natural compound) has been induced from a Mesenchymal Stem Cell.

Free from side effects and immune rejection responses, nEPS is good for immediate use on anyone. The newly developed pluripotent stem cell was discovered using a small molecule STC-f002, extracted from a natural compound.

  • For Immediate
    Human Use

    Good for immediate and wide use on mass patients

    Enables customized stem cell treatment using one’s own stem cells Safe and powerful.

    Good for immediate clinical application

  • Without Side Effects

    Free from cancer

    Free from immune rejection response or mutation

  • X3 Times Faster &
    More Efficient

    Faster cell activation and proliferation

    High production efficacy

Inducing Pluripotency

nEPS (newly Elicited Pluripotent Stem cells without side effects by natural compound) is a pluripotent stem cell without side effects whose pluripotency has been induced by separating a human mesenchymal stem cell(hMSC) of the umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood, bone marrow and the adipose tissue.

MSCs are cultured and then treated with a small molecule compound (STC-f002) extracted from a natural product. In such case, MSCs can will form many colonies that show the expression of protein and DNA genes (Figure 1, 2) only found in pluripotent stem cells.

Adult stem cell can only be differentiated into cells of a specific tissue but pluripotent stem cell has a core advantage as a cell therapy product as they can be differentiated into cells of all human body tissues including ectodermal, endodermal and mesodermal cells.

DNA analyzed OCT4, SOX2, Nanog and C-Myc as major genes of pluripotent stem cells. Expression of OCT4, SOX2, Nanog, the core genes of pluripotent stem cells was remarkably increased while the gene related to formation of tumor, c-Myc was reduced.


Although genetic methods have been widely used for this purpose, chemical approach offers distinct advantages.
For example, small molecules typically provide a high degree of temporal control over protein function, inducing rapid inhibition or activation, and their effects are often reversible.

Their effects can also be fine-tuned by varying the concentrations of small molecules. A single small molecule may simultaneously modulate multiple specific targets within a protein family or across different protein families. This allows production of a desirable phenotype in a synergistically favorable manner.

Chemical approaches and small molecules have provided the key to many biological discoveries. Understanding a biological phenomenon often begins by observing and then discovering or designing ways to perturb it.

Safety & Mass Production Enabled

nEPS can be used on anyone without immunological rejection because it can use both stem cell separated from the umbilical cord and autologous MSCs.

It shows significantly reduced time for production (Production efficiency close to over 80%) and perhaps most importantly it is free from side effects like tumor caused by mutation of gene sequence from gene manipulation since pluripotent gene expression is increased by DNA methylation using natural products.