Investor FAQ

  • What is unique about nEPS technology that makes you stand apart from other cell therapy options?

    Stem cell therapy opened up a whole new paradigm in medical history but with much limitations and controversy.

    nEPS technology proposes to you a safe-powerful-available(cost efficient) alternative to various diseases men have been suffering from.

    We’re just taking off with this novel discovery but one that promises us so much for the future of our mankind, with endless opportunities.

  • What core problem is STRI-bBHC trying to solve?

    Diabetes –
    To date, there is no permanent cure for diabetes except for pancreas transplantation or injecting pancreatic beta cell that secrete insulin.
    Benefits to include, 1)freedom from daily insulin shots, 2)no fear of blood glucose level rising, 3) efficient means to enjoy a healthier, hassle-free lifestyle.

    CNS-related diseases – Parkinson’s Disease
    There’s no coming back from a dead neuronal cell thus there was no efficient cure to date for CNS-diseases.
    Regenerating a neuronal cell using a pluripotent stem cell to restore its original function is believed to be the only solution to this issue. While regenerating the neurons, our cell therapy possesses added advantages of protecting the neurons.

    Others may include cell supply/ drug screening – Unlike conventional iPS cells, our cells are mass producible (cost efficient/ no waiting) owing to our in-house cultivation technology and high success rate in cell production.

  • Where are your primary markets during your first phase of expansion?

    Our primary market for expansion will be in the U.S., to expand to EU and Japan.

  • What are short/ mid/ long term investment options?

    If you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact to the below email.

  • How much more do you aim in the next fiscal?

    Our immediate goal by Q2 would be to secure some 50mil US$, to be used in expanding facility & infrastructure and also to reach up to Phase II. in clinical for type II. Diabetes and CNS related diseases.

    Other than licensing in our derived cells, there exists much options among which include collaboration & per milestone investment.

  • Where is bBHC incorporated?

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Please email to or call +82-2-3438-0670