Parkinson’s Disease

Human Mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) may potentially serve as a renewable source of cells for transplantation. In parkinson’s disease, hMSC may replace the degenerated neurons in the brain. We observed parkinson’s disease patients after treatment of hMSC. Patients who was treated hMSC showed a steady improvement. An improvement was observed activities of daily living.


hMSC treatment have a protective effect on progressive loss of dopaminergic neurons.
Complex mechanisms mediated by trophic effects of hMSCs and differentiation of hMSCs into functional neurons may work in the neuroprotective process.
Several studies have demonstrated the presence of stem cells in the brain and the ability of some cell types to differentiate into dopaminergic neurons.
Growth factor and chemokine of MSC would be help neuronal stem cell to differentiate into dopaminergic neurons.