Cell Therapy Cases

Stem Cell Therapy Cases

STRI(Stem Cell Treatment & Research Institute) has been studying ways to better treat diseases using stem cell therapy and conduct with our collaborating clinic outnumbers lots of cases including incurable diseases and anti-ageing.

STRI has been studying ways to better treat disease using stem cell therapy and conduct to research on incurable diseases and anti-ageing with collaborated clinic.

Now we look forward to more powerful advances with discovery of the our pluripotent stem cells without side effects, a.k.a. nEPS however below we have highlighted some significant cases achieved using mesenchymal stem cells as source for cell therapy.

Type II. Diabetes

Patients became insulin free for varying lengths of time. Fasting plasma glucose and 2‑h postprandial blood glucose levels were relatively stable in all the patients following transplantation..

Parkinson’s Disease

Human Mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) may potentially serve as a renewable source of cells for transplantation. In parkinson’s disease, hMSC may replace the degenerated neurons in the brain..

Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia universalis is one of autoimmune disease to target the hair follicles, impact on quality of life due to hair loss. We have tried to treat human mesenchymal stem…