Mission & Vision

As a life sciences pioneer, mission of STRI lies in contributing to the mankind by offering the next generation global growth dynamism with its stem cell research & development technology. Advances in cell therapy is expected to bring our current medical practices to a whole new paradigm, enabling us to explore the yet un-touched realm by mankind. As centerpiece of regenerative medicine, many governments and pharma giants have joined in the race for stem cell research. Some are making moving ahead faster some slower. However it is without doubt that this meaningful transition to a new realm in medical history will need joint efforts by scientists by all around the world, as the challenges we face today does not belong to one single nation or race.

STRI had the privilege to discover the world’s first pluripotent stem cell without side effects and we have just launched our first preclinical. What we know for sure is that discovery is meant to benefit a much wider world than just our own. Today, we’re excited to make another meaningful footsteps in mankind’s history and we know for sure that we will have many footsteps by our side to research, study and celebrate together.

In so doing we hope to overcome all incurable diseases suffered by mankind and to realize our vision of young 120 years old and healthy 140 years old for wider mankind.

Scientists at STRI believe that science is about discovery and we believe this discovery is meant to benefit a wider global community.

Join us today, and let’s make changes together!

Mindy Minsun Oh